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We find tuberculosis only in a healing phase of the old brain controlled SBSe and only then, if we have the tuberculosis germs and have not avoided contact with them through overhygiene in childhood. Every tuberculosis proceeds with night sweat. With every tuberculous healing phase the body loses protein, which must be substituted by an appropriate protein-rich diet. “Healing fasting” can be fatal in this case, as one eats up and dies of cachexia.

Acne left in the Germanischen Heilkunde

Acne vulgaris of the corium skin (dermis), left side of the body Conflict: Minor defilement conflicts of the face, especially in pubescent individuals. for right-handed persons concerning mother or child for the left-hander concerning partner there are also always local – i.e. person-independent – defilement conflicts (local, on the spot) Figure of speech: – Hamersche […]