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The tracks (allergies) are all sensory impressions (smells, sounds, situations, tastes, persons…) which are memorized by the brain as accompanying music at the moment of the DHS (this is where the Hamer Focus is created). The brain links this track with the conflict! If one triggers this track, it is as if one suffers this original conflict again and a conflict recurrence occurs on all 3 levels of the psyche-brain-organ. The track (allergy) is an early warning system and nothing bad. Animals immediately notice this recurrence of conflict through the track and consistently avoid these tracks. The track (allergy) does not dissolve until the conflict that triggered it is resolved.

Sinusitis – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Dear Mr. Pilhar, For years I have wanted to write several testimonials to you, and now the time is finally right. Here is my testimonial: Since I was a teenager, I had sinusitis. It was sometimes more and sometimes less severe, but I was excellently treated with antibiotics by all doctors. From the age of […]


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