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Thrush is the healing phase after a resolved morsel conflict concerning the old intestinal mucosa of the mouth (right in, left out). In the healing phase, the cell+ that is no longer needed is broken down tuberculously, the process is painful.

Just Trying Doesn’t Work – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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Just trying doesn’t work – just do it How often have we said that in the past months! It was a catchphrase—used every time one of us had to jump over his shadow in the past weeks and wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t disappoint the other if it didn’t work out: “I’ll try. […]

Changes in the mouth area in Germanische Heilkunde®

photo ryke geerd hamer

Mother Nature does nothing malicious! In the conventional medicine prevailing in our country, “cancer” is generally regarded as a “mistake of nature.” As a breakdown of the so-called “immune system” as something “malignant,” which tries to destroy the organism and therefore has to be fought and eradicated with all available means of a medical-military strategy. […]


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