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The beautiful thing about Germanischer Heilkunde® is that you don’t have to believe it, but can experience it – for example by a simple sneeze (= crisis of a solved stink-conflict). With time, the experience turns into knowledge. And with the knowledge of the biological connections, one loses the fear and thus avoids secondary conflicts and thus secondary cancers (metastases). This gives you the optimal conditions to become healthy again. Study the experience reports! There are similar, but not completely identical reports. This way you, dear students, learn what makes us human, and what is important to us. Learn from it! This will help us to find our way back to a biologically sensible form of society, which causes us fewer conflicts.

Shingles left from Neck to Face to Shoulder – Testimonial Germanische Heilkunde

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If I were to give a grade for this testimonial, it would be a “Germanic A.” H.Pilhar K.B., self-employed, 62 years, right-hander Years ago, a contract of inheritance was drawn up by a notary as to how our parents’ inheritance was to be divided among us four siblings in due course. All had signed at […]

Return of the Menstruation after Pregnancy – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Hello Herr Pilhar, I can still remember what you told on the subject of pregnancy and the menstrual period, for example, that the period is absent, even after birth until the time of supplementary feeding, where the body realizes, oh, it is no longer fully breastfed. You have time to become pregnant again. With these […]

Cervical Cancer (Case 40) – Testimonial from Germanische Heilkunde

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Case 40, Last case (test case) at Kiel University Women’s Hospital, 3/2/82. Present: Dr. Hamer 1.) Name: Prof. Gertrud Savelsberg, born. 3.2.1899 2.) Diagnosis: Collum-Ca III (highly advanced) 3.) Histology: Squamous cell Ca, Stad. III 4.)Diagnosis: End of Nov. 81 bleeding (noticeable. Man. time), 5.) Time period until diagnosis: 20 to 22 months, pre happened: […]

Hay Fever and Allergic Bronchial Asthma – Testimonial Germanische Heilkunde

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A man reports I am male, right-handed, 55 years old. At the age of 2, I developed hay fever and allergic bronchial asthma. In retrospect, I learned that during this time, my parents had mentally and emotionally separated from each other (but divorce was out of the question for both of them due to their […]

Heart attack and Facialis Paresis – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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I, female, 41 years, left-handed, without the pill or other hormones, am a mother of a 15-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son. For more than 11 years, my life consisted of working, caring for my little family, creating a home for them, and keeping us afloat with the help of my parents, who mean a […]

Sinusitis – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Dear Mr. Pilhar, For years I have wanted to write several testimonials to you, and now the time is finally right. Here is my testimonial: Since I was a teenager, I had sinusitis. It was sometimes more and sometimes less severe, but I was excellently treated with antibiotics by all doctors. From the age of […]

Partner on the Mother/Child Side? – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Of course you can! What matters is how one felt about one’s partner or mother, or child at the moment of DHS. I was often traveling in Asia, mainly Thailand, for a few years starting in 1994. At that time, I had a Thai girlfriend named Nom. I was with her for four years. I […]

Hair Loss, Herpes during Breastfeeding – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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Breastfeeding side effects? I am a mother of 2 sons. I have known Germanische Heilkunde in great detail for many years and have integrated it into my life. Whenever symptoms occur in me, in my husband, or our children, we automatically try to find the cause according to our knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde and to […]

Cervical Cancer Cured Spontaneously by Pregnancy – Testimonial Germanische Heilkunde

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Every gynecologist will jump for joy about this testimonial, oncologists will put away their poison injections, and doctors will advise women – for therapy – to have many children. H.Pilhar After several difficult and frustrating years of trying to have children, my partner and I decided to undergo artificial insemination. To do this, we had […]

Psoriasis because of Dog – Testimonial Germanische Heilkunde


Are there conflicts that cannot be resolved? Anyone who has ever tried to make someone understand what psoriasis is, according to the rules of Germanische Heilkund, will have found that it is not so easy. Two conflicts of separation in the same place. There is always one inactivity (scaly and sensory numb) and the second […]

Peed in the Bed – Testimonial Germanische Heilkunde

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After an annoying discussion the day before, about morning pissed in bed. Epi-Crisis territory marking in a fully breastfeeding mother Since the beginning of my last pregnancy 15 months ago, I am hormonally male and right-handed. Since I am fully breastfeeding, this has not changed until today. Since then, I also have male territorial instincts […]

Aggressive-Biomaniac Neighbor – Testimonial Germanische Heilkunde

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Suppose an active Hamer Focus in the cerebral cortex’s territorial area in the left rectal relay and vis a vis in the right gastric relay. In that case, respectively, the affected person is in an aggressive biomanic constellation (choleric). Death of an old lady by assaults of an aggressive-biomaniac neighbor (sociopath) By the frequent visiting […]

Fibromyalgia – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Left-handed Woman Symptoms: Burning pain in arms and legs, but not like rheumatoid arthritis, but like the pain known as limb pain in influenza. Increasing weakness due to painful conditions, initially cramps and the partial-onset of paralysis, sensory limitations. Conventional medical diagnoses such as MS, herniated disc, and carpal tunnel syndrome were not tenable due […]

Caries – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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A woman writes … With this, I would like to briefly share my “unbelievable” experience regarding dental caries in matters of new medicine. The other day, when I noticed a large cavity on one of my molars, I immediately panicked and decided to have it done at the nearest dentist who would take me as […]

Bursitis right Knee – Testimonial from Germanische Heilkunde

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I, re-woman 39yrs, suffered an SDC on my right knee due to an upcoming car purchase. My old car had to be taken to the workshop more often, so it was time for a new car. Cars, buying a car – a subject with which I am not at all familiar and which I had […]

Conjunctivitis due to Bitch – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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Conjunctivitis right in a left-handed man Dear Helmut, I want to send you my first testimonial. I am pleased about the solution and healing. Gladly you can pass on if it fits. All the best to Paraguay. My girlfriend and I lovingly care for a female beagle. Since we do not share a household, the […]


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