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In the glandular tissue (yellow group) we have cell proliferation in the conflict-active phase after a morsel conflict. If the aim is to remove the stuck morsel, a cauliflower-like tumor develops (secretory quality). If the aim is to better absorb the morsel, a flat-growing tumor develops (resorptive quality). The thickening of the stomach wall is about a morsel that you want to absorb but cannot.

Stomach-Ca – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Stomach-Ca (except small stomach curvature) Conflict: Conflict that morsel can’t digest: “It’s in my stomach!” Anger with family members. Often in the case of a community of heirs or joint-stock company, where someone can not pull out his share, that is, not finally digested. Idiom: This is in my stomach I still haven’t digested that […]