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The history of development of the dermis (glandular-like tissue) dates back to the time when our ancestor left the primordial ocean and had to protect himself from sharp stones. The conflict content is “violation of integrity”, “attack”, “defacement”, “defilement”. The biological sense of this SBS lies in the conflict-active phases through cell multiplication and functional strengthening. The “wall to the outside” is built thicker. In the healing phase the skin tuberculosis is present.

Acne left in the Germanischen Heilkunde

Acne vulgaris of the corium skin (dermis), left side of the body Conflict: Minor defilement conflicts of the face, especially in pubescent individuals. for right-handed persons concerning mother or child for the left-hander concerning partner there are also always local – i.e. person-independent – defilement conflicts (local, on the spot) Figure of speech: – Hamersche […]