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In the healing phase after fear fright or speechlessness conflict, the voice can sound scratchy or even fail completely.

Testimonial Pulmonary Embolism Because Of Club

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A father concerned about his son writes … Hello, First, a few words about my person: I am a male right-handed and 48 years old. Through the so-called “Corona-Plandemia,” I became a system rebel and thereby also became aware of Germanische Heilkunde, of which I had never heard before. In the last ten months, I […]

Cough due to Fall – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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A mother writes … My son is 16 years old, right-handed, and an avid cyclist. He competes in his age group in the national league in Germany and has already been German champion twice on the road and the cycle track. This short explanation is necessary to understand the conflict better. For Christmas, he got […]


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