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Pulmonary embolism is not caused by alleged blood clots from the deep veins of the legs – as conventional medicine believes – but from the coronary veins. These dissolve in the crisis after a sexual frustration conflict (female) or after a territorial loss conflict (male). With a conflict mass of over 9 months, the pulmonary embolism is fatal.

Hormones – how they intervene in our lives in Germanische Heilkunde®

Die Hormone haben in der Germanische Heilkunde eine zentrale Bedeutung.

Cervix uteri and portio mucosa cancer – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Cervix Uteri and Portio Mucosa Cancer (portio- and collum-uteri-ulcera) Amenorrhea, loss of menstruation. Conflict: Female sexual frustration conflict right handed woman first conflict left handed woman with schizophrenic constellation second conflict handedness and hormonal status is decisive Idiom: It breaks your heart, It makes your heart bleed, You broke my heart Hamer Focus: HH in […]