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Olivia Pilhar

For Olivia, her mother was gone from one day to the next, and she strictly refused the food of her unknown grandmother. At the same time, her stomach aches began. At night she often cried out as if she had seen a ghost, and my wife had to lie down in bed with her. Later […]

Helmut Pilhar in Germanische Heilkunde

Biography Due to my daughter Olivia’s cancer, we came across Dr. Hamer through family members, who had been unknown to us until then. As a technician, I had never been involved with medicine before. However, Dr. Hamer’s Germanische Heilkunde® seems to be more logical than the experimental experiments with poison gas derivates in conventional medicine. […]

Ryke Geerd Hamer

A famous homeopath once said: ” Psst! We write year one after Hamer!” Another famous alternative physician confirmed that Germanische Heilkunde® is heralding a paradigm shift in medicine. Whoever cried out so loudly by conventional medicine in recent years: “Miracle healer! charlatan! Lock him up! Roar him down!” that will become clear after the fall […]