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The oral thrush (Mouth rot) is the healing phase of the conflict “not to get a desired morsel” (right side) or “not to get rid of an unwanted morsel” (left side), concerning the old intestinal mucosa (mouth area).

Changes in the mouth area in Germanische Heilkunde®

photo ryke geerd hamer

Mother Nature does nothing malicious! In the conventional medicine prevailing in our country, “cancer” is generally regarded as a “mistake of nature.” As a breakdown of the so-called “immune system” as something “malignant,” which tries to destroy the organism and therefore has to be fought and eradicated with all available means of a medical-military strategy. […]

Submucosal Oral Mucosa-Ca right side – Diagnostic Chart Germanische Heilkunde

Submucosal-Oral-Mucosa-Ca (deep intestinal epithelial layer), right side. Conflict: Conflict of not being able to ingest (salivate) a morsel. Very common conflict in the critically ill when they can no longer absorb food properly; e.g., due to pain Idiom: – Hamer Focus: HH In the brainstem (pons), right dorsal (backward) active phase: Adeno-Ca of the resorptive […]

Submucosal Oral Mucosa-Ca left side – Diagnostic Chart Germanische Heilkunde

Submucosal Oral Mucosa Ca (deep intestinal epithelial layer), left side. Conflict: Conflict, not being able to expel a morsel of feces (vomit). Idiom: – Hamer Focus: In the brainstem (pons), left dorsal (backward) active phase: Adeno-Ca of the resorptive grade grew in a flat area and reached only a low height, under the mouth’s squamous […]