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We had the impression that the press, authorities, and conventional medicine had built up a common front towards us. In any case, we were not courted by the press. About Dr. Hamer, the journalist found only sayers like miracle healers, charlatans, imprisoned him, shouted him down … The press has long since ceased to consider its true task, namely to act as a controlling body of the citizen vis-à-vis those in power. It serves the powerful: “I eat the bread, I sing the song”! It abuses its so-called freedom of the press, “free” from the truth and without shame, to let its lies be “pressed” on paper.
When one considers that these press people are not physicians and that they must be familiar with the felt from pharmaceuticals and politics, then as a normal person one can only shout to them: “You are missing such a gigantic story about the real causes of cancer and its suppression? Every journalist is dreaming of such a story! But that’s just how the average citizen thinks. Even if a journalist wants to report about it objectively, his superior will call him off. He won’t try a second time if he wants to continue working as a journalist.

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