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Olivia’s medical file was a state secret. The big question was, who is right? Officially, conventional medicine diagnosed Olivia with a Wilms’ tumor, which is 95% curable. However, we were convinced that Olivia had, in addition to this Wilms’ tumor (kidney cyst), liver cancer, edema in the brain stem, bone cancer of the lumbar spine, and leukemia. But the official state medicine did not want to hear about that at all! Because then one would have had to admit that Olivia’s chances of survival would not be 95%, but only 2%. But then the compulsory therapy could not have been justified. And the threat that we parents would stay with Olivia with Hamer and he would get the child healthy, was something they did not want to take. A reporter of DAILY EVERYTHING explained to me, the boss of the competition sheet NEWS explained on the telephone: “Send reporters immediately to Spain, no matter what it costs. Imagine, this Hamer gets the child healthy, then what will happen here in Vienna!

Kidney Cyst – Wilms – Nephroblastoma in Germanische Heilkunde®

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The Mechanism of Origin of Nephroblastoma The beginning of the genesis of nephroblastoma lies in water or fluid conflict. A so-called “biological conflict,” in which we find necrosis (cell loss) in the renal parenchyma (kidney tissue) at the organic level and hypertension (high blood pressure) to compensate for this parenchymal necrosis. This occurs in the […]