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To the old-brain belong the brain stem, midbrain, and cerebellum. All old-brain-controlled SBS makes a cell proliferation in the conflict-active phase and a tubercular degradation in the healing phase.

Midbrain – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Inner Cotyledon – Entoderm – Midbrain Note from H. Pilhar: The midbrain is located between the old and new brain and controls the old smooth muscle. The conflict content is the MORSEL and right in and left out (see embryonic development). In the active phase, cell proliferation and functional enhancement are also the biological sense. […]

Brainstem – Scientific Charts of Germanischen Heilkunde

diagnostic chart 1

Inner Cotyledon – Entoderm – Brainstem Histological formation: From brainstem to organ not crossed. Cauliflower-like adeno-carcinoma of the secretory type. Areal growing adeno-carcinoma of the resorptive type. Microbes: According to the cotyledon, the fungi and mycobacteria (e.g., TBC) proliferate. This increase starts with the DHS in the conflict-active phase (ca-phase). The compact tumors of the […]


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