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The SBSe controlled by the old brain – the glandular tissue (brain stem) + the gland-like tissue (cerebellum) – make cell proliferation in the conflict-active phase and tuberculous decomposition (if microbes are present) in the healing phase. Night sweat is produced during each tuberculous healing phase. This night sweat is therefore a reason for happiness: one has been able to resolve a conflict and one has the surgeons of Mother Nature, the microbes.

4th Biological Natural Law of Germanischen Heilkunde

The 4th biological law of nature describes that the microbes, without exception, only in the healing phase as “nature’s surgeons” break down the old-brain-controlled tumors tuberculously. And fill up the new-brain-controlled necroses again under the swelling. At the end of the healing phase, the microbes withdraw again (become pathogenic). The ontogenetic-conditional system of microbes We […]