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In the conflict-active phase of a conflict that has to do with the inside of the nose (stink, scent conflict), an ulcer develops in the nasal mucosa. The handiness is decisive.

TV Moderator has to sneeze – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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 A TV moderator drops an earring during the show, which leads to an interruption of the program. She suffered a stink conflict, which she was able to resolve after this mishap. In the crisis, she had to sneeze and had an absence. Zweiphasigkeit With the DHS, one is sympathicoton, and one has compulsive thinking! […]

Sensitive Nose – Scent Conflicts in Germanische Heilkunde®

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General Germanische Heilkunde® is a natural science, like physics, chemistry, or biology. It requires precise diagnostic work, far more than the previous symptom medicine. This is because healing diagnostics occur on three levels: in the psyche, in the brain, and the organ. These three levels always run synchronously. The Iron Rule of Cancer (IRC) states that […]

Nasal Mucosa Cancer right – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

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Nasal mucosal ulcer, right organ side Conflict: Stink/scent conflict Conflict that has something to do with the inside of the nose. for the right-handed person concerning partner for the left-handed person concerning mother or child Idiom: “It stinks to me!” Also in the figurative sense. Hamer Focus: HH deep basal left Aktive phase: Ulcers of […]


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