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The cause of muscle atrophy (muscle loss) is a loss of self-esteem due to paralysis. Therefore, the motor conflict must first be resolved, then the muscle is rebuilt in the healing phase.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Paralysis

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What is multiple sclerosis? Our conventional medicine was arranged according to organs, which were more or less next to each other. According to cotyledon affiliation, in Germanische Heilkunde®, the only meaningful classification and thus of the whole medicine is the developmentally oriented classification. Cotyledon-related conflicts also have cotyledon-related brain relays. In the case of conflict, […]

Muscle Atrophy Right – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Necrosis of the striated musculature right half of the body. Conflict: Self-value collapse in terms of mobility. for the right-handed person concerning mother or child for the left-handed person concerning partner Example: not being able to escape (legs), not being able to defend or hold on (arms). Very strong interaction with the cortical motor cortex […]