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Microbes include fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The virus was a postulate of Louis Pasteur that they had to exist. But until today no virus could be detected. In theory, the virus is not supposed to be a living being with its own metabolism, but a protein molecule that hooks into the DNA and copies itself through cell division. Louis Pasteur explained that microbes make people sick. On his deathbed he recanted and explained in a nutshell: the microbe is nothing, the environment is everything. Without exception, the microbes work only in the vagotonic healing phase and after conflict resolution. For this reason, there is no infection. There is also no immune system that would fight against the microbes. It is the body itself that calls the microbes to the aid of nature as surgeons.

4th Biological Natural Law of Germanischen Heilkunde

The 4th biological law of nature describes that the microbes, without exception, only in the healing phase as “nature’s surgeons” break down the old-brain-controlled tumors tuberculously. And fill up the new-brain-controlled necroses again under the swelling. At the end of the healing phase, the microbes withdraw again (become pathogenic). The ontogenetic-conditional system of microbes We […]