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The Mesoderm is divided into a Mesoderm OLD and a Mesoderm NEW.

The Mesoderm-OLD is gland-like tissue, for example, the dermis with melanoma or pimples, etc. All sensible SBSe from this group makes tumors (cell proliferation), which in the healing phase are tuberculously degraded by fungi and fungal bacteria (if present and no over hygiene have been practiced). In Germanische Heilkunde, Mesoderm-OLD has the color yellow/orange in the scientific diagnosis chart.

The Mesoderm-NEW is connective tissue, for example, bone with osteoporosis or leukemia, etc. All special programs from this group have their Hamer Focus in the cerebral medulla. SBSe from this group make necroses (cell loss) in the conflict-active phase, which are replenished by bacteria in the healing phase. In Germanische Heilkunde, the Mesoderm-NEW has the color orange in the scientific diagnosis chart.

Acne left in the Germanischen Heilkunde

Acne vulgaris of the corium skin (dermis), left side of the body Conflict: Minor defilement conflicts of the face, especially in pubescent individuals. for right-handed persons concerning mother or child for the left-hander concerning partner there are also always local – i.e. person-independent – defilement conflicts (local, on the spot) Figure of speech: – Hamersche […]