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With the onset of the 2nd territorial conflict in the vis a vis territorial area, the emotional maturity stops. If this happens in infancy, then this later adult is still the infant of that time in his emotional perception. But it does not stop the intellectual maturity. To graduate from university, the emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old is sufficient. What the so-called early sexual education does for children can be seen in our politicians today.

Handicapped Children – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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Sandefjord, 3. 3. 2014 The Infantile Territorial Area Psychoses and the Developmental Retardations Based on Them: The ” Handicapped Children “ A tremendously large area of infantile psychoses is the mentally retarded children and adolescents. Not all have precinct psychoses, but most do. These “retarded children” are a domain for Mein Studentenmädchen, as one of […]