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There is the flat-growing (thickening of the intestinal wall) and the cauliflower-like (polyp) growing intestinal cancer. The biological sense always lies in the conflict-active phase. Flat-growing: being able to absorb better. Cauliflower-like: can digest better. It is and remains the morsel conflict (anger).

Lower Small Intestine-Ca – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Lower small intestine-Ca = Ileum-Ca (also called Crohn’s disease in the healing phase). Conflict: Conflict of not being able to digest a morsel, indigestible anger, usually with starvation anxiety in the broadest sense. Example: A master hairdresser has to close her second store several times temporarily, later permanently, because her best employees always left her and […]

Colon-Ca – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Large intestine Ca (colon Ca), ascending colon, transverse colon and descending colon Ca Conflict: Ugly indigestible anger. Example: Someone is falsely accused of insurance fraud. Ideom: – Hamer Focus: In the brainstem (pons), lateral (side) left active phase: Cauliflower-growing secretory grade adeno-Ca, or flat-growing resorptive grade adeno-Ca. Healing: Tuberculous-caseating necrotizing degradation of the tumor by fungi […]