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The heart attack is the crisis after a solved male loss of territory or female sexual frustration conflict. The heart attack has nothing to do with the occluded coronary arteries (= accompanying symptom), but is a pure brain symptom (no more signals from the bradycardic heart relay reach the heart muscle).

Werner von der Mühle – The last Victim of the Masked-Man

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This video takes a look at the crisis of Ulrich Jahr, the last victim of the Masked-Man, with the help of Germanische Heilkunde. Many thanks to Werner von der Mühle! The last Victim of the Masked-Man Hello, do you know the ” Masked-Man”? The “Masked-Man” is one of the most unusual and extraordinary cases in […]

Heart attack and Facialis Paresis – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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I, female, 41 years, left-handed, without the pill or other hormones, am a mother of a 15-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son. For more than 11 years, my life consisted of working, caring for my little family, creating a home for them, and keeping us afloat with the help of my parents, who mean a […]

A heart attack because of a rival – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde®

testimonial adults

Hi, dear Helmut Pilhar! I want to write experience reports for a very long time ( years have passed ). Today I write one. I had( !?) many pretty girlfriends, among others also in Thailand. One of them I also married in her country. I knew her for about two years, and she saved the money […]

The heart in Germanische Heilkunde®

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Germanische Heilkunde® is an empirical science. It is based on five empirically found biological regularities. This can be applied to every single case of a disease in humans and mammals in a strictly scientific sense. The ignorance of these regularities in the medical-clinical sense has prevented us from ever being able to classify medicine correctly […]

Heartattack in Duck-Drake – Testimonial from Germanisch Heilkunde®

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An animal owner writes… In the bloom of your life of not even one year, you have left us. Your magnificent plumage and especially Gundel, she was your pride and joy. You left every goody to Gundel until she was satisfied to lay her daily egg. You scared away the blackbirds so that they would not snatch […]


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