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The poorest of the poor are probably physically or mentally disabled children. They are often deprived of their only care, namely that of their biological parents. These children have neither a lawyer nor a lobby to represent their interests. Too often in the history of medicine, outrageous experiments have been made with them. Now, with the Germanische Heilkunde, it might be possible to give real help to these poor minors.

Autistic: Lucky got Bernhard out of Isolation

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Parents overjoyed / Dog makes disabled child cuddle and talkAutistic: Lucky brought Bernhard out of isolation   NUSSBACH / At six, he was afraid of other children, could only form two-syllable words, and turned away when his mom wanted to cuddle with him. Today, Bernhard (7) runs around the garden with neighboring children, speaks in […]

Handicapped Children – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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Sandefjord, 3. 3. 2014 The Infantile Territorial Area Psychoses and the Developmental Retardations Based on Them: The ” Handicapped Children “ A tremendously large area of infantile psychoses is the mentally retarded children and adolescents. Not all have precinct psychoses, but most do. These “retarded children” are a domain for Mein Studentenmädchen, as one of […]


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