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Either one is biologically right-handed or left-handed. A “biological ambidexterity” does not exist. The biological handedness is determined at the first cell division of the fertilized egg (some twins) and can never change. There are about 40% left-handed people, which is much more than one assumes. The left-handed people are the predestined alphas (in man and woman). As a rule, left-handed men are more masculine because they tend to mania. Because of the so-called sapling (territorial area), the left-handed man typically has broad shoulders. On the other hand, the left-handed women are the more feminine women because they tend to be depressed. Because of the sapling, the left-handed woman typically has round feminine shoulders.

Partner on the Mother/Child Side? – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Of course you can! What matters is how one felt about one’s partner or mother, or child at the moment of DHS. I was often traveling in Asia, mainly Thailand, for a few years starting in 1994. At that time, I had a Thai girlfriend named Nom. I was with her for four years. I […]


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