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According to Hamer, Tomfools are those who pretend to be Hamer therapists and have never seen a clinic from the inside. They lack professional competence! Just as important is the human competence of the therapist. He must not be developmentally retarded. Human maturity cannot be learned. One should be especially careful of those who use the knowledge of Dr. Hamer but want to leave his name out. Their motive is obviously unfair.

Dr. Hamer to Dr. Stefan Lanka – Open Letter

photo ryke geerd hamer

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd HAMER Open letter Sept. 1, 2007 ToDr. Stefan Lanka Important note: “Since the founder of the “New Medicine,” the German physician Dr. Geerd Ryke Hamer, unfortunately, mixes his medical research results in public again and again with his personal destiny and his political views, I would like to point […]

Dr. Hamer to Dr. Stefan Lanka – Betrayal of our Patients

photo ryke geerd hamer

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd HAMER Apartado de Correos 209E-29120 Alhaurin el Grande  March 18th 2006 To theKlein-Klein Publishing HouseMr. Stefan LankaLudwig-Pfau-Str. 1 B70176 Stuttgart Hello Stefan, I have taken note of your comments about me from the Klein-Klein publishing team. Si tacuissis! Look, you barm, nevertheless, one must believe …, as most others […]


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