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The magic melody “My Studentenmädchen” (My Student Girl) has the effect of optimizing healing phases and preventing recurrences. The song can be played quietly in the background around the clock – instead of “supervised thinking”.

Giovanna Conti – Bach, Introduction to Dr Hamer’s Birthday Celebration

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Giovanna Conti (Entdeckerin der Archaischen Melodien) – Bach, Einführung in die Geburtstagsfeier von Dr. Hamer As an introduction to the event that celebrated Dr Hamer’s Birthday last May 17, Giovanna Conti dedicates plays Bach Prelude BWV 846. This (amateur) video shows how The Biological Meaning of Music now Archaic Melody begun. The concert goes on […]

The Effect of Mein Studentenmaedchen on Cat Minu – Germanische Heilkunde Testimonial


Dear friends of Germanische Heilkunde, dear Dr. Hamer, After I learned that there is a new book (Mein Studentenmädchen), I wondered at first about the title. Then, when I watched the interview about it, I was amazed and immediately wanted to know everything about it. So, I ordered the book, which I can only recommend […]

Peed in the Bed – Testimonial Germanische Heilkunde

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After an annoying discussion the day before, about morning pissed in bed. Epi-Crisis territory marking in a fully breastfeeding mother Since the beginning of my last pregnancy 15 months ago, I am hormonally male and right-handed. Since I am fully breastfeeding, this has not changed until today. Since then, I also have male territorial instincts […]

Handicapped Children – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

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Sandefjord, 3. 3. 2014 The Infantile Territorial Area Psychoses and the Developmental Retardations Based on Them: The ” Handicapped Children “ A tremendously large area of infantile psychoses is the mentally retarded children and adolescents. Not all have precinct psychoses, but most do. These “retarded children” are a domain for Mein Studentenmädchen, as one of […]

Epilepsy in Toddler and mein Studentenmaedchen – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Epilepsy after 8 weeks with “Mein Studentenmaedchen” – as good as cured Dear Mr. Pilhar, to the lovely testimonials on this site about epilepsy, we would like to add ours and tell you about our experience with our 3-year-old son. It was in 2014 when we first heard about it. The term Germanische Heilkunde was […]


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