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Because of not swearing off the 1st + 2nd biological law of nature and not converting to conventional medicine, Dr. Hamer’s medical license was withdrawn by the district government of Koblenz on April 8th, 1986 (legally effective since March 8th, 1991). With this decision, Dr. Hamer was banned from his profession for life – to the sorrow of all patients and for the benefit of the Deep State (Trump, Putin complained about this “Deep State” in Helsinki 2018). In 2016, expert analysis by the University of Düsseldorf showed that the first two laws of nature discovered by Dr. Hamer were correct in the scientific sense. The Jewish children’s oncologist Prof. Merrick (Ministry of Social Affairs Israel) already established this in 2005 and published it in a scientific newspaper. In 2016, Dr. Hamer then applied for the reapproval of his license to practice medicine, as it had obviously (sic) been wrongly withdrawn from him. In response, the judge in Frankfurt declared that Hamer would not be granted the license because he did not recommend chemo. There is absolute arbitrariness in our justice system because no homeopath is required to advise the patient to take chemo.

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