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Goiter is the result of recurrent powerlessness conflicts (polycyclic course) concerning the excretory ducts of the thyroid gland.

Thyroid – Biological Conflicts in Germanische Heilkunde®

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The paradigm shift in medicine In Germanische Heilkunde®, the so-called “diseases” which we had considered for thousands of years as “insufficiencies,” “mishaps of nature,” “aberrations,” “malignancies,” “punishments of God” etc., are sensible biological special programs of nature. We stand today before a miracle work of the divine nature. It may give insight into how mother […]

Outgoing thyroid ducts – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

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Thyroid (former) excretory duct squamous ulcer (cold node). Conflict: Powerlessness conflict Idiom: “My hands are tied. I can’t do anything.” “Something should be done urgently, and nobody does anything!” Hamer Focus: HH Frontal left Aktive phase: In the ca-phase, ulcers form in the former thyroid excretory ducts, which are now closed to the outside (now […]


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