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To reduce the Germanische Heilkunde only to the medical blocks the view of the whole!

The Engineer – About Reproducibility

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The Engineer, Volume 53, No. 1/1998 Are scientific findings still suppressed today? Ing. Helmut Pilhar, born in 1965, is an engineer for both electrical and mechanical engineering. He is the father of Olivia, a girl suffering from cancer. In this context, he advocated the treatment of his daughter according to the rules of the so-called […]

Forecast about the future of the Germanic New Medicine

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In the following document, I will forecast the Germanische New Medicine’s future from my point of view. Before I start with this, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Volker Siefke; I am 47 years old, born in Hannover, married since 1997, have 2 children, 1 dog, and has lived in Lucerne’s […]


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