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The individual is alive. It consists of a material part and a living part. One part cannot exist without the other. This is what the term individual means. Animals have a similar feeling as humans – even if these unbiological and artificial world religions do not like to hear this. If one can now “translate” the organ level, one can understand the soul language of the animal.

Motorischer Konflikt samt epileptischen Anfall einer Antilope

thumbnail epileptischer anfall antilope

Und was, wenn Dr. Hamer doch recht hat? Was machen wir dann mit den Schul(d)mediziner?

The Effect of Mein Studentenmaedchen on Cat Minu – Germanische Heilkunde Testimonial


Dear friends of Germanische Heilkunde, dear Dr. Hamer, After I learned that there is a new book (Mein Studentenmädchen), I wondered at first about the title. Then, when I watched the interview about it, I was amazed and immediately wanted to know everything about it. So, I ordered the book, which I can only recommend […]

An Attentive Observer Describes Various Animal Cases – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde


Dear Mr. Pilhar, We have already had short mail contact. I have been living in the neighboring country Bolivia for 25 years. I want to say something about our animals in relation to the New Medicine, and if you think it is good, you can publish it as a testimonial on your site: First of […]

One Dog and 12 Cats – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

testimonial animals

What could possibly go wrong? Anyone who has pets knows the vexed issue: what to do on vacation? When traveling, taking the animal with you is not always possible, and who wants to give his darling to an animal shelter? We found a woman with a huge heart for animals to take care of our […]

Hip-Dysplasia in Yorky-Lady – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde®

testimonial animals

A Yorky-Lady named Pebbles has been a permanent part of our family for 9.5 years. Since we know Germanische Heilkunde® for many years in great detail, she enjoys the privilege of never having been to a vet before. So, like the whole family, our dog is also not vaccinated. At the tender age of 1.5 […]

Cat with urinary retention – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde®

testimonial animals

Today a somewhat animalistic experience report It is a 15-year-old male cat. Better said, it was once a tomcat because he came from the shelter and had to leave his jewels there. He goes by the call name Nikolaiovich, short Niki or Bubi, when he feels like it. And he is right-handed. Nikolaevich likes to […]

Heartattack in Duck-Drake – Testimonial from Germanisch Heilkunde®

testimonial animals

An animal owner writes… In the bloom of your life of not even one year, you have left us. Your magnificent plumage and especially Gundel, she was your pride and joy. You left every goody to Gundel until she was satisfied to lay her daily egg. You scared away the blackbirds so that they would not snatch […]


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