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In conventional medicine, esophageal varices are the remaining condition after a tubercularly degraded esophageal adenocarcinoma. It is thus the state at the end of the healing of the conflict: “one would like to swallow the morsel, but is not able to do so”.

Esophageal-Ca (Esophagus) in Germanische Heilkunde®

photo ryke geerd hamer

The cause of esophageal cancer In the past, it was believed that the so-called diseases were determined by coincidences, aberrations, insufficiencies, and degenerations. However, Germanische Heilkunde® found out a clear correlation and systematics between our organs and specific conflicts or conflict groups. This systematics can also be found in the brain – our organism’s computer […]

Esophageal-Ca – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Conflict: Conflict of not being able to swallow the morsel. Often it’s about the house, car … something that you want to incorporate, but suddenly can not. You want to swallow the morsel, but you can’t. The esophageal Ca means that you want to swallow the morsel, but you can’t. (In contrast to esophageal Ca. (Contrast […]