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Every SBS has – provided the conflict is resolved – its particular epileptoid-crisis (crisis). All epileptoid crisis are sympahticotonic with constriction of the vessels and cold sweat. All crises are symptoms of the brain. The most impressive epileptoid-crises are those of the cerebral cortex, such as absence, migraine, epilepsy, heart attack … crises must not be attenuated with drugs. Still, they must be intensified with sympathicotonic substances like coffee. The crisis has the task of stopping the falling into vagotonia and steering the rudder back to health.

Just Trying Doesn’t Work – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

testimonial adults

Just trying doesn’t work – just do it How often have we said that in the past months! It was a catchphrase—used every time one of us had to jump over his shadow in the past weeks and wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t disappoint the other if it didn’t work out: “I’ll try. […]

Werner von der Mühle – The last Victim of the Masked-Man

This video takes a look at the crisis of Ulrich Jahr, the last victim of the Masked-Man, with the help of Germanische Heilkunde. Many thanks to Werner von der Mühle! The last Victim of the Masked-Man Hello, do you know the ” Masked-Man”? The “Masked-Man” is one of the most unusual and extraordinary cases in […]


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