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The duodenal ulcer is located in the ⅓ of the duodenum seen from the stomach. The small curvature of the stomach and the ⅓ of the duodenum is lined with squamous epithelium. The cause is a male territorial anger or a female identity conflict. This squamous epithelium belongs to the pharyngeal mucosa scheme and hurts in the active phase (ulcer) and in crisis.

Stomach Ulcer – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

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Stomach mucosal ulcer and duodenal ulcer (ulcer of the bulbus duodeni) Conflict: male territorial anger conflict. Boundary dispute conflict, e.g., with “neighbor territory chief,” also concerning the territory content “partner is cheating.” female identity conflict handedness and hormonal status decisive Idiom: Spitting venom and bile in anger Hamer Focus: HH right temporal Aktive phase: Mild pain […]


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