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The Dirk-Hamer-Syndrome (DHS) is a biological conflict shock and always has the 3 criteria: highly acute-dramatic, felt isolative, got caught on the wrong foot (unexpected). This moment of shock was named by Dr. Hamer after his son Dirk because he observed this biological conflict for the first time in himself through the death of his son. With the DHS, a sensible biological special program is being started that will help to solve this conflict.

Polio – Testimonial of the Germanische Heilkunde

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Dear Mr. Pilhar, Since about 1965, I was sensitized by the illness(es) of my mother, who at that time, according to the doctor, suffered from a chronic ethmoid cell inflammation, for which she was also operated on. And in “consequence,” she got asthma because the persistent inflammatory secretion settled in the bronchial tubes. In search […]