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Can you imagine what our societies looked like at the turn of the century 1899-1900 or what people were convinced of at that time? Those people from that time are the ones that conventional medicine still refers to today. Pasteur, cook, Virchow … to name only a few of these historical persons. The world view of conventional medicine, despite technical progress, is about 100 years old and unchanged! At that time already, there was selection among researchers and unsuitable research results were suppressed. And diametrically opposed to this philosophy is Germanische Heilkunde, the medicine of freedom!

Helmut Pilhar to Lothar Wieler – Open Letter

20, March 2021 – The Wieler File: Entanglements and Revelations To Dr. Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute! OPEN LETTER Robert Koch formulated pathogen detection in four steps.1. isolate2. cultivate3. use it to cause the disease4. re-isolate Mr. Wieler, In the above report, you are accused of fraud. According to your […]