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AIDS is a scam! Neither has the virus (HIV) been caught nor has anyone been able to “arouse” anything with it. Koch’s postulates are not fulfilled with AIDS, nor with Corona or anywhere else. There is also no immune system that could protect us from diseases or fight microbes or cancer in our body. Therefore, there can be no immunodeficiency.

German Bundestag to Dr. Stefan Lanka – Petitions Committee

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GERMAN BUNDESTAG Petitions Committee The chairman Mr.Dr. Stefan LankaLudwig-Pfaustr. 1b70176 Stuttgart 11011 Berlin, May 17, 2001 Square of the Republic 1Long-distance call (0228) 16-22767or (030) 227-22767Fax (0228) 16-26027or (030) 227-26027 Pet 2-14-15-212-026084 Dear Dr. Lanka The German Bundestag has discussed your petition and passed a resolution on 17.05.01: To close the petition procedure. It thus […]


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