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Mrs. Giovanna Conti (Italy), a musician and Hamer patient, discovered that composers obviously composed their works according to the course of the Hamers compass. A scientific discovery in the history of music that is unparalleled. The composers thus seem to reflect their personal conflicts in their works. Now one would have to compare their autobiography with the composed music at the same time. Extremely exciting research!

Giovanna Conti – Bach, Introduction to Dr Hamer’s Birthday Celebration

Giovanna Conti (Entdeckerin der Archaischen Melodien) – Bach, Einführung in die Geburtstagsfeier von Dr. Hamer As an introduction to the event that celebrated Dr Hamer’s Birthday last May 17, Giovanna Conti dedicates plays Bach Prelude BWV 846. This (amateur) video shows how The Biological Meaning of Music now Archaic Melody begun. The concert goes on […]


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