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In Germanische Heilkunde we understand a constellation as an active Hamer Focus (HH) on the left and right hemisphere of the brain on the same level. For example, brainstem on the left and right. There may well be constellations, for example, in the brainstem on the left and cerebral medulla on the right. However, as Dr. Hamer explained, such constellations or their peculiarities are not known. A constellation also exists if one of the two conflicts is active and the other is in crisis or if both come into crisis at the same time.

Laryngeal Asthma – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

Laryngeal asthma, laryngeal asthma = schizophrenic constellation with simultaneous conflict activity of another Hamer Focus in the cortex of the right cerebral hemisphere. Conflict: male territorial fear conflict female scare fright conflict handedness and hormonal status is crucial Idiom: – Hamer Focus: There are two Hamer Focus involved at the same time. HH for larynx […]