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As individual as the conflicts are, as individual are the conflict solutions. There is no patent remedy! Usually, there are several possible solutions for conflict. The best solution is the one that the person concerned can stand by. A conflict is solved when it can no longer happen or when the person concerned has been able to change his or her inner attitude and it has become irrelevant. When the conflict is resolved, the vegetative nervous system inevitably switches from sympathicotonia to vagotonia and the healing phase begins. Conflict resolution is not always desirable!

2nd Biological Natural Law of Germanischen Heilkunde

The 2nd Biological Law of Nature states that every Sensible Biological Special Program (SBS) has a healing phase, provided that a conflict resolution occurs. This healing phase usually lasts as long as the conflict was active. The law of the two-phase nature of all diseases when the conflict is resolved Every disease of the whole […]