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Colon Cancer is the conflict-active phase of an “indigestible morsel”.

Rectum-Ca – not a tumor, but an ulcer

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In conventional medicine, a carcinoma is a malignant tumor that destroys healthy tissue and spreads to other parts of the body through blood and lymph vessels, producing metastases. Based on this understanding, conventional medicine has so far been purely symptomatic. Diseases were diseases of the organ and were treated only purely organically-symptomatically. This ultimately led […]

Intestinal cancer – colon, rectum, small intestine

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Intestinal cancer belongs to the inner cotyledon (entoderm). The associated relay is located in the brainstem. It, therefore, makes compact tumors of the adenocellular type in the conflict-active phase. The morsel-conflict Brainstem-controlled adenocarcinomas always arise when we cannot assimilate, swallow, digest, or excrete a morsel. These biological conflicts are to be understood developmentally as archaic […]

Rectum-Ca – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

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Conflict: Ugly conflict. Insidious “Shit Conflict Idiom: “What a load of crap!” Hamer Focus: In the brainstem (pons), lateral (side) left active phase: Compact cauliflower-like growing secretory grade adeno-ca or flat growing resorptive grade adeno-ca. In large tumors: Risk of ileus (intestinal obstruction). Healing: Tuberculous necrotizing degradation of the tumor, possibly with slight bleeding (night […]

Colon-Ca – Diagnostic Chart of Germanische Heilkunde

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Large intestine Ca (colon Ca), ascending colon, transverse colon and descending colon Ca Conflict: Ugly indigestible anger. Example: Someone is falsely accused of insurance fraud. Ideom: – Hamer Focus: In the brainstem (pons), lateral (side) left active phase: Cauliflower-growing secretory grade adeno-Ca, or flat-growing resorptive grade adeno-Ca. Healing: Tuberculous-caseating necrotizing degradation of the tumor by fungi […]


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