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The alpha man and alpha woman have no conflicts in their territory cortex. An alpha male is hormonally a real man. The alpha woman is hormonally a real woman. The alpha man and alpha woman are emotionally mature and not developmentally retarded. Since they are not in any territorial constellation, they are neither manic nor depressive. Alpha men are wise people who one gladly asks for advice. They would be the ideal therapists. Alpha people can put themselves in the patient’s shoes, whether it is a child, a cheated wife, a bankrupt businessman, or an old man.

Ranking at the Playground – Testimonial of Germanische Heilkunde

ghk-testimonial children

A father writes … Not far from us, there is a spacious public concreted area, where every evening mostly mothers meet with their children – from infants to teenagers – and dogs. It’s like a kindergarten for everyone. My wife usually goes there with our five-year-old left-handed son. They know each other, the kids usually […]