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The 3rd biological law of nature describes how the SBSe behaves. The old-brain-controlled SBSe does cell multiplication in the active phase. The new brain-controlled SBSe makes cell loss or loss of function in the active phase. This 3rd biological law of nature disproves the conspiracy theory of conventional medicine, that cancer would be evil, out of control cancer cells.

3rd Biological Natural Law of Germanischen Heilkunde

biologisches naturgesetz beitrag

The 3rd Biological Law of Nature states that the old-brain-controlled SBS (brainstem + midbrain + cerebellum) makes cell proliferation in the active phase. The new-brain-controlled SBS (cerebral medulla + cerebral cortex) make cell loss (necrosis, ulcers) in the active phase. The ontogenetic system of tumors and cancer equivalents Embryologists generally divide embryonic development into three […]

Germanische Heilkunde®

What actually is Germanische Heilkunde®? Modern medicine began to explore the human body to heal it better when it is ill. As will be shown, this was incomplete in principle because out of sheer enthusiasm in discovering the mechanical-biochemical connections, the psyche and the brain were ignored entirely. Similarly, the orbits of the planets had […]


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