Dear Helmut,

I am pleased to send you another report on my experience.

Thanks to your site and a testimonial here, I was able to leave my fear track behind and calmly face the end of my SBS. Thanks a lot to you, your family, and Dr. Hamer for your work.

I’ve just had the experience that there is some truth to the old adages, and you can look there in terms of a DHS, and it’s also always good to pay attention to where your attention is going when you are looking for a DHS.

I am currently in Holland with two of my three kids. For the youngest’s birthday, my husband, and the grandmother of the middle came to visit for five days. This disturbed our daily routine but very much, although we enjoyed the visit.

The grandmother is a very narrow-minded person, stubborn and opinionated, and she also likes to pick a fight. I was aware of all this and knew I would have to hold my tongue with her if I preferred not to get into a conflict.

On the 4th day, every day was an egg race to avoid arguments. Grandmother played with my family and whined, ordered, complained, etc. I was in the house, and it burned on my tongue to rebuke her and demand harmony. But I withdrew all day and said nothing.

In the evening, she broke down, cried, complained that she was always alone with us, etc. I talked openly with her, reassured her, but also showed her her points.

During the night, I woke up because my tongue was burning painfully. It took a while for it to recover. It only tingled the following day. The next night, grandmother had now left, I woke up again with a burning tongue, but this quickly subsided. I then had a tingling and yet numb feeling in my tongue for two more days.

Since I did not think of the connection and came on fear track, I made myself clever on Helmuts HP, and lo and behold; I found an article on the subject of the tongue. And then I knew that the tongue was related to the experience and was now in solution.

Once again, it points out to me that there is some truth to the old statements, and it makes a difference whether I think it burned my tongue or I could have bitten my tongue off… these are different perceptions, and accordingly, they may be different DHS.

Especially with my children, I pay attention to what they say and their movements and take them back to their thoughts.

Note by H.Pilhar

The squamous epithelium of the tongue belongs to the so-called gullet-mucous pattern. It hurts in the active phase and crisis but is numb in the healing phase.

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