26 May 1982

Der S K Keshava
P 0 Box 89
Calcutta 700 071

Dear Dr Keshava

Thank you for passing to me the copy of Dr Hamer´s new theory on the origin of cancer.

I have discussed this with Dr Geoff Felton an he feels that it is a rather special instance of the developing theory that stress and/or personality may be an important precursor of cancer development. the recent study at the University of Manchester appears to indicate that stress can be a predisposing factor for breast cancer in women. (I enclose a ´photo-copy of a recent article on the subject.)

The theory that personality factor are involved in carcinogenesis which was first suggested in the early 1960´s by Dr D Kissen, has recently received support by Dr Grossarth-Maticek in Yugoslavia – details of which should be published in the next few months.

These are all plausible hypotheses, but are based on relatively small numbers. As will be recognised in the case of Hamer, the theories do not common widespread acceptance among the medical establishment. It will be interesting to see how Grossarth-Maticek´s paper is received.

I was pleased to have the opportunity of meeting you in Sri Lanka and confirm that we shall be very happy to have you visit GRADC. If you Ould indicate the areas of major interest we can make sure that your visit is profitable.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely

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