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Osteolysis = bone loss = decalcification holes in the bone (osteoporosis), right half of the body


Severe self-devaluation conflict:

Self-devaluation conflict, for each skeleton part, there is a definite self-value collapse (see graphic).

  • for the right-handed person concerning partner
  • for the left-handed person concerning mother or child


Broken the backbone, Not being able to sustain, Not being able to endure

Hamer Focus:

HH throughout the cerebral medulla

Aktive phase:

Osteolysis is localized according to the type of specific self-value collapse. Anemia, anemia fatigue (= rest because of porous bone). No pain in this phase, also rarely spontaneous fractures because the periosteum acts as a bandage.

Depression of hematopoiesis, pan myelophthisis.


Bone edema with periosteal extension, thus significant risk of spontaneous pathological fracture.

Great pain due to distension of the sensory periosteum.

Recalcification of osteolysis is wrongly called osteosarcoma.

Leukemia, increase in fact of the number of all blood cells.

In case of osteolysis near the joints in the pcl-phase articular rheumatism.

The inflow of serum from the periphery into the vascular system from the beginning of the conflict resolution by dilatating the vessels in the vagotonia. Thus pseudoanemia: blood-thinning anemia with a decrease of hematocrit.

Increased bone swelling in the presence of the syndrome. Bone healing phase + active refugee conflict is called gout (with increased urine level in blood serum).



Biological Sense:

At the end of the healing phase and permanent

Reinforcement of the bone, which becomes stronger than it was before.



Experience reports