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Advanced questions answered via

  • 2 hour Live Teleconference Every Month 
  • PLUS: 3 additional hours of live teleconferences every month as part of the Educational Support Forum (for beginners+)


  • The GHK EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT FORUM teleconferences occur on the second Tuesday and third Thursday of the month. More information!
  • Social Media Membership of GHK Forum
  • On demand access to recorded Forum Teleconferences


  • The GHK Advanced Forum membership is for GHK students who have more than a basic or beginner understanding of GHK. Practitioners are welcome to attend. 
  • The membership allows the students to post their own questions prior to the live sessions, which will be answered by Helmut Pilhar and English translator Nick Capetanis in a monthly live teleconference.
  • The members are simultaneously part of a developing Video Archive of recorded webinars accessible on demand to all members of this program via the Member’s area of their account. 
  • Easier questions received will be answered in short videos and posted for all members to view in the Video Archive.
  • More complex questions will be answered via live 2 hour monthly teleconference.
dr med ryke geerd hamer

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer is the discoverer and founder of Germanische Heilkunde. Dr. Hamer’s Germanische Heilkunde has never been disproven, and instead has been confirmed by over 30 institutions and universities. Still, the overt non-acceptance of his discoveries brought Dr. Hamer two prison terms. Sadly,  Dr. Hamer died on July 2nd, 2017 in Sandefjord, Norway.

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Helmut Pilhar

  • I’m the father of Olivia and the operator of this website.
  • I was born on February 25th, 1965 in Grünbach am Schneeberg (God’s blessing, coal mine). 1985 Abitur at the HTL Wr. Neustadt (electrical engineering). 1993 Abitur at the HTL Wr. Neustadt (mechanical engineering, evening school). Until 1995 I was a software technician (PLC). In 1990 I married my wife Erika, with whom I now have four grown-up children. I’m already a grandfather now. I don’t belong to any church, any party or association. And I didn’t choose this medical dispute either …
  • My goal is to make Germanic medicine a general education. Every mother should know how neurodermatitis works in her child. Germanic medicine belongs in biology lessons and for future therapists at every university.
  • Since 1995 (the case of Olivia) Helmut Pilhar has been teaching Germanische Heilkunde (GHK/GNM). In gratitude for his work, Dr. Hamer appointed him “Lecturer in Germanische Heilkunde – Theory”.
nick capetanis ghk

Nick Capetanis ( Presenter)

  • In my professional career I have mainly run my own businesses in Germany, USA and Cyprus initially in the fields of media and advertising, later on in the financial industry pertaining to investments, trading, consulting and education.
  • While living in Germany in 2001, I was introduced to Germanic Healing Knowledge. My world’s perspective changed after attending Dr Hamer’s live seminar  for the first time in Spain in 2002. The realization of the importance of GHK led to me dedicating one year of educating myself about GHK through a series of live seminars held by Helmut Pilhar throughout Germany parallel to my continuous education with Dr Hamer in Spain.
  • In the years to follow I also involved myself in the spreading of this fundamental, essential, scientific knowledge discovered by Dr Hamer through running local workshops about GHK while also providing access to Helmut’s seminars to my local community. Furthermore, I acquired a deeper understanding of GHK through personal contact with Dr Hamer and whilst working on smaller projects for GHK.
  • In the meantime, I have been practicing GHK for almost 20 years for myself and as a non-professional practitioner for family and friends.
  • My vision is to be part of a bigger effort to bring worldwide awareness to GHK.
  • Helmut Pilhar, who has received an educational mandate by Dr Hamer, has my full support towards all his efforts and his general mission for Germanic Healing Knowledge.

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2 hr Live Teleconference monthly
3 add'l hours of Live Teleconferences/month
Access to Video Archive
On demand access to recorded Forum Teleconferences
Social Media Membership of GHK Forum

All recorded webinars are accessible from the Members Area for 30 days after the subscription ends plus an additional 7 days. 

They are not downloadable.

You will receive an e-mail with your personal login data immediately after the purchase (please check your spam folder). The Members Area will provide space for submission of questions.


Since it is still forbidden to teach Germanische Heilkunde at universities, self-study is the only option for those interested. That is why Helmut Pilhar has packed all the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde into 57 Seminar Video Tutorials. Become a student of Germanische Heilkunde and take your own and your family’s health into your own hands.