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Adeno-Hypophysis-Ca right side


  1. Conflict of not being able to grab a morsel because it is out of reach because the individual is too small.
  2. Conflict of not being able to feed the child or the family.


Hamer Focus:

In the brainstem (pons), right dorsal (backward)

active phase:

  1. Hypophysis adenoma, compact cauliflower-like growing adeno-Ca of secretory quality with increased secretion of growth hormone. Consequence: real growth in children and adolescents, or acromegaly (increase in the size of the ends of individual limbs) in adults.
  2. Increased secretion of prolactin. Consequence: Increase in milk production.


  1. In the presence of fungi and fungal bacteria: tuberculous-caseous necrotizing degradation of the pituitary-oropharyngeal adenoma. Conflict becomes irrelevant because the individual is now big enough to get the morsel.
  2. Conflict becomes irrelevant because the child or family can now be adequately fed.



Biological Sense:

active phase

  1. Growth hormone to get the high hanging morsel.
  2. Prolactin producing cells: to produce more prolactin to better breastfeed a child or partner.



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