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Acne vulgaris of the corium skin (dermis), left side of the body


Minor defilement conflicts of the face, especially in pubescent individuals.

  • for right-handed persons concerning mother or child
  • for the left-hander concerning partner
  • there are also always local – i.e. person-independent – defilement conflicts (local, on the spot)

Figure of speech:

Hamersche Herd:

In the dorsal (backward) and lateral (lower) cerebellar region on the right

Active phase:

Acne nodes grow in the ca- phase to compact, small, amelanotic melanoma tumors.


Acne nodes cheese necrotizing by bacteria (small abscesses) and can then be expressed.



Biological sense:

active phase

Reinforcement of the old corium skin (dermis), in terms of developmental history, when the overlying squamous epithelium layer did not yet exist.


Beware of “vicious circles”. One feels again and again defiled or disfigured by one’s own reflection.

  • Acne on the face – cheekiness is thrown in your face
  • Acne on the back – people speak ill of you


Field reports