With the sword of biological laws of nature, we confront the Deep State in medicine!

Dear Friends of Germanische Heilkunde from the Doctor of Medicine and Master of Theology, Ryke Geerd Hamer


Our topic: Koch’s 3rd postulate is scientifically refuted


For ten months now, we have been living in this worldwide and very strange pandemic. So far, we have hardly seen any deaths. Instead, we are frightened daily with dubious numbers. We are put on house arrest, supposedly for our protection. The middle class is destroyed, and livelihoods are wiped out. Families get into distress. People are driven to suicide. Our elderly are abandoned. You think you are in a never-ending nightmare.

How could this happen?

Hundreds of years ago, the free peoples of this earth were successively infiltrated by a small intelligent, ecpathetic, power-hungry, unscrupulous, and centralized power elite. This Deep State spread worldwide in all aspects of these many different cultures. Of course, this Deep State infiltrated not only religion, money, politics, and the media but also science and thus medicine. Our present-day conventional medicine is the result of Rockefeller’s work, which he started 100 years ago.

Many people now suspect that this alleged pandemic can only be fake. There are too many contradictions and nonsense in this worldwide orchestrated corona performance of compliant politicians. Only a few regents oppose this corona architecture.

Hardly one of these responsible persons demands the proof of the isolated virus, thus proving the 1st Koch’s postulate! And at all, nobody demands the proof of the 3rd Koch’s postulate that this then isolated virus must be able to cause a particular disease.

Our sovereigns, who are not medical doctors themselves, make far-reaching decisions without taking scientifically correct precautions? For every little thing, our politicians rely on expert opinions costing millions of euros, but when it comes to Corona, they are blind believers? It seems as if our politicians are merely obeying a superior order.

Everyone thinks they know that this coronavirus initially arose from a bat with a cold in China. Nobody considers whether the prevention of the danger to fall ill with a cold justifies this worldwide lockdown at all! Nobody considers proportionality! All these brutal measures, only to avoid a cold? And nobody is aware that for all this madness at Corona, the scientific basis has long been abandoned! Even worse! The scientific basis has not been respected from the very beginning! Medically and scientifically, everything at Corona is fake!

What am I getting at?

From the point of view of real science, it is clear that the one who claims a virus must also be able to prove this virus. However, this succeeded up to now with no single virus! With none! The 1st Koch’s postulate is not fulfilled with the virus, with what all three other Koch’s postulates cannot be fulfilled! If you do not want to believe me, I refer to a relevant correspondence between the RKI and the Internet portal www.fragdenstaat.de.

Quote from the Robert Koch Institute in response to a request for proof of Koch’s postulates:

“There is no official information on the “Henle-Koch Postulates.” 

…”It is noted that there is worldwide scientific consensus that COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2.”

End of quote.

Source: https://fragdenstaat.de/anfrage/corona-virus-nachweis-nach-den-kochschen-postulaten/?fbclid=IwAR1qH_0-fo-E99bZ8a2McBO9eMJYvsu5dcUaJuNL8OtYbfst-3X233gAFio

Consensus is understood to mean: Wikipedia – “Consensus means the unanimous opinion of persons on a particular question without covert or overt contradiction.”

So a consensus is an opinion, and opinions can change, as we all know.


Now I put a provocation in the room!

I ask you, dear viewer, why has this Deep State, in this for it so important action of a “Great Reset,” been able to put itself on such thin ice? No virus, no piles of corpses, empty hospital beds or beds occupied by mannequins, insolvent hospitals? Just numbers that seem artificially made! It seems as if this Deep State is this insane emperor from Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”! Is it not so? This Deep State is naked and ugly to look at!

Why doesn’t the Deep State use the real existing tuberculosis germs instead of this fictitious virus? Why doesn’t it spray them worldwide, e.g., with drones? For the Deep State, that would be an easy one! Then he would have his pandemic! And one would not need scruples for this to the Deep State also no impute. If one cuts down the face of small children, puts it on himself, and drinks the blood of this child, then one is sure of the contempt of every human being. The Deep State has no scruples! If it considers 9 of 10 humans superfluous, this chisels in stone, then we can expect really everything from this Deep State! Wars, pandemics …

If the Deep State would instead use tuberculosis germs for this “Great-Reset-Pandemic,” then also every amateur biologist could convince himself of the existence of these tuberculosis germs with a simple light microscope, right? The Deep State would thus be on the safe side. This highly contagious tuberculosis would then kill masses of people and for all to see, wouldn’t it?

Or would that not happen?

No, just that would not happen! There is no germ that could excite anything! The ability of a so-called germ postulated by Robert Koch to be able to cause disease does not exist! Dr. Hamer formulates this very precisely in his 4th Biological Law of Nature. According to Dr. Hamer, we live with the microbes in symbiosis! They are not our enemies! All microbes, without exception, work only in a vagotonous healing phase, depending on the cotyledon and the command of our brain. Our body uses microbes as natural surgeons, which explains the phenomenon of spontaneous healing. It is the microbes that break down the tumor in the healing phase and make it disappear. There is about 1.5 kg of these foreign organisms in our body without making us sick. Microbes are also ubiquitous, i.e., they are always present everywhere. There is also no sterile space in nature. We are always in contact with microbes! You can find microbes on your hand, in your mouth, in the deepest sea, and on the highest mountain. To produce a sterile room, which is entirely free of microbes, is a technically highly complex undertaking. The opinion “the microbe makes ill” is wrong and also easily scientifically refuted!

If the conventional medical theory of infection were true, humanity would have to walk around in protective suits since its existence. Then also, the animals in nature would have to run around in protective suits.

If now the Deep State would use a tuberculosis germ for the pandemic, then we would have the same picture of empty hospital beds and closed hospitals as now with Corona. The Deep State could spray tuberculosis germs with his drones; as much he would like, nothing would happen to the population! It is also so-called biological weapons only fake because they do not work! There should have been a biological terrorist attack somewhere long ago, with these many madmen in the Deep State. However, this was not the case!

If the Deep State would use tuberculosis germs for his project, he would have a completely different problem! This tuberculosis germ could be seen then by every small amateur biologist through a microscope. Of course, this amateur biologist could also check the non-existence of the tuberculosis germ himself. He would be able to see that the people were healthy and that there were no germs in their bodies. The sprayed germs would not thrive! He would recognize this Pannikmache as what it is, evenly as pure fear makings. It is not more, as everyone can see with Corona.

And precisely this is the point! Exactly this microbe we are not to be able to see and not to be able to catch! The Deep State would determine itself with it and would make itself disprovable with it. This Deep State would like to seduce us away from facts and to its artificially built-up matrix! Just look at this monkey circus about the significance of the PCR test! Contradictions over contradictions, which now the responsible proponents of this PCR test have to clarify before a court.

Well, that could be something!In this dispute about the significance of the PCR test, however, Koch’s 3rd postulate is completely ignored! Because even if one could prove a virus with this PCR test, the proof is not furnished, thereby that this virus is the cause of the illness. Still, the question would remain open whether also the 3. Koch’s postulate is fulfillable or not! According to Koch’s postulates, one can speak of a pathogen only if all four postulates are fulfilled!

Is it possible to disprove the viral hypothesis?

It is impossible to prove the non-existence of a virus! Nobody can prove the non-existence of ghosts! This Deep State knows this and thus remains with the virus assertion its arbitrariness further door and gate open. If it should not work this year with Corona, this Deep State drives next year just another sow through the village. Then comes the next dispute about the proof …

In my opinion, one should rely on the most necessary criticism of Corona, less on the PCR test, but instead on the proof of the 3rd Koch’s postulate! For this, one could use even existing microbes, like fungi or bacteria. It is to be proved that these visible and detectable microbes, the presumed illness, also really can excite. According to the 4th biological law of nature of Dr. Hamer, this is not possible! A microbe does not excite anything in a healthy body! We always live in symbiosis with microbes! Our brain controls their multiplication and gives them also the command to the metabolism. So our brain switches on and off the microbes themselves.

If one can now prove that neither fungi nor bacteria can cause infectious disease, then Koch’s 3rd postulate is false, period! With it, the conventional medical infection theory is disproved, point! Then there is also no infection, period! And certainly not by a non-existent virus! What a nonsensical assertion! The face masks would fall and that because humanity could see and recognize the state arbitrariness. They would also recognize with it the deception of the Deep State! They would take off the masks, laugh, and send this Deep State to Hell!

Now there is a very big BUT! in your head, right?

At the time of the witch hunts, if people had declared that the devil did not exist or that they had to prove the existence of the devil, they would have ended up at stake themselves. At that time, jurors, prosecutors, and judges assumed the devil’s existence and sentenced innocent women to death by burning. Everything was considered correct! All of them wore their witch panic mask at that time! And nevertheless, we know today that it was wrong, and with this inquisition, the Vatican pursued only its dirty interests. The Vatican went over corpses and forced our responsible ancestors to go also over corpses.

With this corona pandemic, the Deep State is now trying to close its bag, into which we have been lured, seduced, and also crawled involuntarily over centuries. We have not even protected our children from it, whereby they slipped away from us, foreign-determined and against us parents directed, were educated. We did not become lucid when our children came home with incomprehensible and alien ideas. We had become instincts. We handed over our future with our children to this Deep State, and it educated them in its way. The Greens are our alien children!

With this Great Reset, it goes to this Deep State apparently around everything! He had speculated, however, and stands with the back against the wall! The Deep State thought. Obviously, it would come its planned worldwide war. Because this failed to come (thanks to Trump and Putin), he puts all his hope on this planned pandemic! I am convinced that Corona was Plan B, which is why we see the protesting masses in the streets. The Deep State does not need a real uprising of the masses! So far, it has known how to avoid this. Nevertheless, he has prepared these FEMA camps for safety’s sake.

However, its matrix, spun over centuries, which of course also includes conventional medicine with its heresies, still dominates the minds of the masses protesting today. Still, the masses believe in viruses, contagion, vaccination, and the immune system. To immunize the masses against the poison of the Deep State, the long since scientifically disproved infection theory of conventional medicine must fall and be exposed as a lie, and a means to an end.

Each one of us is now called upon, in his interest, to oppose this absolute enslavement of the world population. I do it with the help of the 4th biological law of nature discovered by Dr. Hamer, which he has discovered in the middle of the ’80s and has never changed all the years. So Dr. Hamer must have been absolutely sure of his view! A refutation of his 4th biological law of nature also does not exist!

So let us seize the sword of nature with its natural laws and confront this Deep State in the field of medicine! From the many arms of the Deep State octopus, the medical arm belongs to the Germanische Heilkunde. This arm we strike hin off!

  • Robert Koch and his Koch postulates are disproved!
  • The conventional medical theory of infection is disproved.


Long live the Germanische Heilkunde!

I wish you a happy Yule!

Goodbye, until the next video.


staat Corona

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